Prof. Dr. Josef Lutz

Prof. Dr. Josef Lutz

… to the Open Academy.

(German Version)

It is open in several ways:
For your visit, you need no high school degree or other graduation degree. It is open to the general public, and has the aim to engage the public in an active and critical debate.

It is open to advanced and critical developments in science, literature and art. In many fields, important discoveries are hindered or even suppressed, either for profit interests of large companies, or for ideological reasons, because they contradict the dominant ideology. This academy is open to critical discussion, can offer a forum for concerned scientists and creative artists and, in combination with social movements, can open a way to implement advanced knowledge.

It also allows an open and democratic debate of contrary points of view. Each of the presentations is divided in half: half for the talk and half for lively discussion. It was already obvious at the first open academy that we achieved a depth of discussion that is very rare.

At this academy one cannot acquire a doctorate or other academic degree. But it offers the opportunity to learn a lot. We invite you to explore what the open academy has to offer:  visit our website (www.offene-akademie.org) and learn about our activities and projects, to attend the lectures of the Open Academy, or offer your own contribution to the open academy.

Our former name was “Open University”, according to an old tradition of social movements. After a stipulation of the Ministry for Innovation, Science, Research and Technology of North Rhine-Westphalia, the name „Open University“ can no longer be used. They claim it is contrary to the first paragraph of § 75 of the university law NRW. Violators risk a penalty of  up to 500,000 €.

For this reason, we now have the name „Open Academy“. But this modifies nothing in our objectives or practices. We will continue on our successful path.

Prof. Dr. Josef Lutz, Chemnitz